Cutting-edge technology

Our company is equipped with state-of-the-art paper converting machinery, often enhanced or even designed by us, thanks to our wealth of time-honoured industry experience.

GCV deals in-house with all of the box-manufacturing phases, working in partnership with a consolidated network of printers, screen printers and lithographers that have flourished around the factory over the years.
The plant plays host to large indoor warehousing spaces for the receipting and storage of the raw materials, which are then forwarded first to the department that deals with the pasting of paper and cardboard, and then to the relevant departments for the moulding and chamfering of paper and cardboard using manual and automatic machinery. The production cycle then reaches departments that house both manual and automatic lines for the production of finished boxes (typically the bottom and the lid, amongst other elements …). The finished product is then stored in warehouses and made ready for shipment in accordance with the customer’s scheduling requirements. All of the goods-handling operations carried out within the factory are highly mechanised and use pallet trucks and fork-lift trucks.
Our graphic design department benefits from the input of a brand-new plotter. The only one of its type in Italy, it features latest-generation technologies and integrated software, and is capable of delivering unrivalled levels of performance. Our graphic designers can give you all the help and advice you may need to develop your packaging solutions using innovative, original shapes and designs.