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The “Gruppo Cartotecnico Valdarnese” (Valdarno Paper-Converting Group) is the latest incarnation of the Cicinque box manufacturing company, which was established in 1968 to meet the needs of the expanding footwear industry in the Valdarno area.
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Cutting-edge machinery in the paper-converting sector, enhanced or even designed by us, thanks to our wealth of time-honoured industry experience.
Quality lies at the heart of our modus operandi – we achieve consistently high standards to reflect the prestige of the leading national and international brands that we service.
Since 1968, the G.C.V. group has always shown itself to be up to the job, and we have never let our customers down, delivering solutions geared towards meeting all types of packaging requirements.

Continuous product innovation

True to our philosophy of constantly innovating, doing things differently from others and doing them better, we have developed the triangular box, dealing in-house with everything from the machinery to the software! We are currently the only company that is in a position to produce this type of box automatically.

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