50 years of tradition and innovation

The “Gruppo Cartotecnico Valdarnese” (Valdarno Paper-Converting Group) is the latest incarnation of the Cicinque box manufacturing company, which was established in 1968 to meet the needs of the expanding footwear industry in the Valdarno area. By making the most of the expertise we have developed and consolidated over the years, here at the G.C.V. Group we focus on finding solutions to packaging-related problems for a plethora of different businesses.

Our ongoing evolution

Today, our output encompasses boxes for wine, footwear, leather goods large and small, accessories, clothing, watches and jewellery. Moreover, we remain constantly committed to experimentation and innovation. All of this is made possible by our extensive array of production systems, which are being continually upgraded and renovated through new acquisitions and through the in-house development of new pieces of machinery. This approach has enabled us to achieve consistently high-quality manufacturing operations for more than 40 years.

An end-to-end service

Our decades of experience have also demonstrated that it is not sufficient to make beautiful boxes – it is also essential to ensure that the customer receives an end-to-end service that starts with support during the planning and design phase, before taking in the production process per se, using nothing but raw materials of the highest quality, and even extending to storage in facilities that are suitable for unconsolidated distribution and delivery.

The strength of the group

In all of these sectors, the G.C.V. group has always shown itself to be up to the job, and we have never let our customers down. To maintain these standards, we have invested in a 7-strong fleet of trucks for the transport of material. We operate out of a large facility on a 16,000 m2 site that plays host to a 3,500 m2 finished-products warehouse and a 2,000 m2 raw-materials warehouse, with a further 2,500 m2 given over to manufacturing and 550 m2 of office space.