Custom service

As well as encompassing myriad different shapes and appliqués, the boxes we make can be customised with all types of printing – hot-foil, silkscreen, offset and digital – to achieve original effects that are pleasing to both the eye and the touch.

The technologies deployed within the factory allow for extreme flexibility, enabling easy, rapid machine changes that, in turn, facilitate modifications to the dimensions of the boxes manufactured. As such, we can deal with requests for small-scale production runs. Indeed, our production departments feature automated lines for large-scale runs and manual lines that are suited to limited-edition runs that may require specific processing operations to be carried out. As a result, we can offer an exceptional level of flexibility in terms of dimensions, production runs and extent of processing. In addition, by entrusting your requirements to G.C.V. s.r.l., you will learn about the exceptionally wide choice of shapes and sizes of the boxes we make – far wider than our competitors – including: boxes coated internally and/or externally, pre-assembled boxes, pull-out boxes, hinged boxes, boxes with eyelets, boxes composed from multiple pieces, boxes complete with internal features (ribbons, sponges, dividers, etc.), boxes with windows of various dimensions, and so on.